Navigating the Digital Seas: The Rise of Virtual Showrooms in Boat Sales

Bryan Moseley

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In the digital age, the marine industry is sailing into a new era of innovation and efficiency. Leading this transformative journey is Sea It App, with its groundbreaking 3D Build-a-Boat technology. This platform redefines boat sales, offering an immersive and interactive customization experience. Let’s delve into how virtual showrooms are changing the boat sales landscape, with Sea It App pioneering this exciting voyage.

The Shift to Digital Showrooms

The Changing Tide:

The transition from traditional showrooms to digital platforms reflects a seismic shift in the marine industry. This evolution aligns with the growing demand for convenience and detailed personalization in purchasing processes. For instance, YachtWorld, a global online marketplace, reported a 75% increase in online boat inquiries over the past year, signifying a surge in digital sales preferences.

Benefits of Virtual Showrooms:

Virtual showrooms offer a comprehensive and detailed product view, vastly improving customer engagement. With Sea It App, users can explore and customize boats in a 3D space, gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their potential purchase. This level of interaction is not possible in traditional, physical showrooms.

Sea It App: Spearheading Innovation

Innovative Technology:

  • Sea It App’s 3D Build-a-Boat technology is a standout in the market, providing unique customization options. For example, Ocean Craft Marine, a renowned boat manufacturer, utilized the app to offer clients a virtual tour of their boats, resulting in a 30% increase in customer engagement and a 20% rise in sales conversions.

Enhancing Customer Engagement:

  • The app’s immersive experience is tailored to attract both technologically inclined and traditional boat enthusiasts. Personalized experiences have shown to significantly improve customer satisfaction and sales conversions, as seen in Sea It App’s collaboration with Bluewater Yachts, where interactive customization options led to a record number of pre-orders for their latest yacht series.
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The Future of Boat Sales

Predictions and Trends:

Digital showrooms are expected to become more interactive and lifelike, offering even more personalized experiences. Sea It App is at the forefront of these developments, continuously innovating to stay ahead of industry trends.

Don’t Get Left Behind

We invite you to experience the digital revolution with Sea It App. Whether you’re a boat manufacturer, a sales professional, or a digital marketing consultant in the marine industry, our app can transform your business approach. Visit our website for a live demonstration or contact us for more information.


Sea It App is more than a tool; it’s a harbinger of change in the marine industry, setting new benchmarks in boat sales and customer experiences. By focusing on innovation, customer engagement, and technological advancement, the app is not just revolutionizing boat sales; it’s charting a new course for the entire industry. Join us on this journey, as we navigate these exciting digital seas together.