​​Lessons from Other Industries: What Boat Sales Can Learn from the Success of 3D Customization Elsewhere

Bryan Moseley

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The shift towards immersive digital experiences is palpable across industries, underscoring an evolving consumer landscape.

One standout trend that’s taken root is 3D customization. While the marine industry begins to adopt this forward-thinking approach, with innovators like Sea It App at the helm, there’s a treasure trove of lessons to unearth from other sectors where 3D customization has already made significant waves.

Automotive Industry: A Drive Toward Personalization

Perhaps the closest kin to boat sales, the automotive world has long embraced 3D customization. Brands like Porsche and Tesla have integrated 3D car configurators, letting prospective buyers tinker with everything from paint shades to interiors.

Key Takeaway: Interactivity enhances emotional connection. By letting customers visualize and tweak their vehicles in real-time, they form a bond, imagining future drives, much like boat enthusiasts would dream of sea voyages.

Fashion & Footwear: Tailoring to Fit

Brands like Nike and Adidas have redefined shopping with their design-your-own sneaker tools. These platforms allow customers to visualize their unique fashion statements.

Key Takeaway: Value lies in exclusivity. Offering a platform where customers can create something unique gives a sense of exclusivity, an essential aspect for luxury items like boats.

3D Customization

Real Estate: Building Dreams in 3D

3D customization tools have allowed potential homeowners to visualize modifications to their prospective homes, from paint colors to furniture placement.

Key Takeaway: Visualization drives investment. Seeing a personalized version of a significant investment, be it a home or a boat, can bridge the gap between contemplation and purchase.

Furniture & Home Décor: Crafting Personal Spaces

Ikea’s 3D kitchen planner is a prime example of how customization tools can aid in visualizing a personal space.

Key Takeaway: Tools simplify complex choices. Boats, much like homes, have numerous components. A 3D customization tool breaks down the decision-making process, making it enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Gaming & Virtual Reality: Crafting Worlds

The gaming industry has long understood the power of customization, letting players modify everything from characters to entire worlds. This depth of personalization has driven engagement and loyalty.

Key Takeaway: Depth of customization is paramount. The more options available for customization, the deeper the user engagement. Translated to boat sales, it emphasizes the importance of offering granular customization options.


As Sea It App and others champion the cause of 3D customization in the marine world, there’s a universe of insights to glean from industries that have walked this path. The journey of boat sales, when steered by these lessons, promises not just enhanced customer engagement but also a voyage into a future where every customer’s vision finds its anchor in reality.